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I'm a 36 year old, I live in Chengdu, China.

Early, I gave Lovelace to my self as a nickname and I'm known like this, I'm self-taught and learning about web development comes to mind just thinking.

# 🏠 Blog

The technology career is a messy one, and like any other advance in life, there is no energy without curiosity.

I've paid for my blog host for sevral years without writing much. The main reason is that I always spend my time in the process of toss, tools, themes, etc., that I can not hold.

Accidentally, I saw a word of a blog that point awake me(still looking for blog tools), "Environment and tools, there is no the most suitable, only more suitable". Wordpress, typecho, Gridea and other complex and simple Php blog sites have also been built and tested in the past years. In fact, the process has become a constant build, test, build, test mess loop. Time is spent in the testing environment and tools, and the goal is lost.

What I want is simple: simple publishing, Markdown logging and writing, automatic generation and publishing, cross-platform, and clean.

In and out, after trying out free foreign releases like ghpages, readthedocs, cnblogs, csdn, etc., I realized that my purpose was not to export to others, I was writing to myself: The important thing is to keep writing, to converge on a slightly formal hosting platform, it's like people pay for classes, pay for gyms, and I have to buy a basin for my mind.
The next step is to keep writing and recording.

# 👨 ‍Me

As the blogger of this site, 😀 I am a master of electronic information science and computer science technology, halfway cobbled together embedded software engineer.

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